Find qualified professional painters to paint your homes and offices. Receive 3 free quotes from certified painting services to transform your interiors and exteriors.

  • Licensed and reliable painting companies
  • Quick and transparent quotations; affordable prices
  • Licensed and verified service providers

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    Save Time and Money
    Save Time and Money
    Qualified Tradesperson
    Qualified Tradesperson
    Trusted by the Locals
    Trusted by the Locals

    How LocalChamp Works?

    We collect the right information and the take time to listen to what is important to you. We provide quotes from trusted Australian retailers to suit your job needs.

    Tell us what you need

    Answer a few quick questions and even upload a photo.

    Get multiple quotes from professionals

    Our free service instantly alerts local tradies for quotes to get your job done.

    Choose the best quote

    Compare profiles and verified recommendations to get started.

    LocalChamp starts your task – the easy way!

    Just provide us with the relevant information and relax. Select the company of your choice after receiving three ‘obligation free’ quotes from LocalChamp. We link you up with qualified local businesses and service providers to get your task done. Remember, your to-do list is no longer yours!

    • Long list of satisfied customers in Australia
    • Easy-to-avail services
    • Hassle-free comparison of quotes
    • Great savings

    More information about Painter

    How can I find a good painter with LocalChamp?

    Your search for the best local painting services in your area becomes easy with LocalChamp. Fill up the enquiry form with all the relevant job details. Once we receive your request, we link you with three service providers who are closest to you. These paint services companies are licensed and verified by us. They send you their quotes out of which you can select the one that suits your budget and needs. Once you freeze upon one, you can expect them to perform the job efficiently.

    What painting jobs are performed by the painters recommended by LocalChamp?

    The painting services will help you get your exteriors and interiors painted just as you want. These professional local painters are also experienced in wallpaper removal, reconditioning of decks and sidings, power washing, staining, consultation, painting of finer and stain glass doors alongside metal doors, and so forth. They are adept at handling commercial and custom painting jobs as well.

    What are the charges for getting the quotes from LocalChamp?

    We do not take any fees for sending no-obligation quotes from local painting service providers to you. They’re free of cost and sent directly by the painters.

    Do we pay anything extra for hiring the painters recommended by LocalChamp?

    No. We introduce you to painting job providers only after checking their costs and credibility. You get to deal with professional companies that provide the most competitive rates.

    What about the credibility of these local companies? Are they reliable?

    All service providers enlisted in our database are thoroughly checked and verified by our team. We vet their contact details, work experiences, qualifications, skills and credibility before recommending them to you.

    Is the process of finding full line painting services simple and fast?

    We fast-track your search for the best painting services in your area. As soon as you fill the enquiry form, you can get professional and reliable service providers right at your doorstep.

    How can Local Painters Benefit by Signing up with LocalChamp?

    LocalChamp helps certified and experienced local painting services get more sales and orders. We encourage them by providing helpful leads in the areas from which they operate.

    Low competition

    Local painters have to deal with less competition with LocalChamp. We connect only three service providers to the prospective customer. This reduces the number of companies they compete with.

    Higher business volume

    We help local painters increase their business. Our team brings local painting companies into the limelight so that they can get more clients and revenue.

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