Easter Cleaning Made Easy- 4 Quick Tips

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April 04, 2022

Easter Cleaning Made Easy- 4 Quick Tips

The Easter holidays are on the way and it is that time of the year where we look forward to have fun with family, friends and neighbors while enjoying the festivals. These are times where we meet our near and closed ones, arrange for get to gather parties and cherish the moments. However, the task is we need to keep our home clean organized and thus Easter is also the time for home improvements and home planning and designing. You may have been busy and got no time to clean, we have got few easy tips that shall help make the cleaning process easy before the guests come in, in any case if it gets too overwhelming for you to manage all the cleaning chores on your own, speak to one of our LocalChamp consultant and they can connect you to the experienced and skilled cleaner in your area to get the work done within few hours.

1. Clean the kitchen

There are a lot of traditional delicacies we tend to enjoy at the Easter. Easter Sunday is usually incomplete without the family gathering over a hot lunch feast including roasted lamb, potato and pumpkin meal. On the other hand, children indulge into bunnies and chocolates. All of this makes cleaning the kitchen the most important thing to do. When cleaning always remember to clean top to bottom. Do not forget to clean the fridge and oven specifically.

2. Tidy the living room

Living room is the space where the guests are going to be seated and all the chit chats with the chips and drinks is gonna happen. Cleaning up the mess in the living room makes the space look appealing and also the vibe of cleaner place is entirely different. Start with dusting the house, vacuuming the house and finally polishing the furniture.

3. Clean the garden

Easter time is really good time to enjoy sitting in the garden and enjoying the tea and snacks. However, even if you are not planning to spend time in the garden, it is important to clean it. If the garden is untidy, it can bring in lot of insects in the house. Remove the dead and dry plants, brush the top of the plants and edge your garden beds.

4. Put that towels and bed linens to laundry

It is the perfect time to clean the bed linens, towels and carpets. We tend to neglect them throughout the year but these are the things that need to be cleaned, otherwise attracts the germs and other bacteria. Simply take off those curtains, bed sheets and towels and put them in the washer. Add the detergent and once done let it dry in the sun.

5. Clear unwanted stuff

This is the best time to clear all the unwanted stuff in the shelves, which are of no use. There are going to be bunch of belongings that are not going to be used. Just get rid of things that are of no use anymore. Speak to one of our localchamp consultants to get the deep cleaning done from skilled and verified cleaners in your area at the affordable prices.

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