5 Reasons for an Electrical Panels Upgrade

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March 25, 2022

5 Reasons for an Electrical Panels Upgrade

Your electrical panel is the beating heart of your electrical system, distributing power throughout your home and preventing power surges with the help of your circuit breaker. You won’t be able to acquire the electricity you need without a working electrical panel, and your system will be vulnerable to excessive electrical current. Continue reading for the top 5 reasons to upgrade your electrical panel, and call Local Champ Service Plumbing, Heating & Electric for a complete spectrum of electrical services.

1. Growing power demands

If you notice your electricity demands are increasing constantly and if you’ve been adding on new appliances for your kitchen or home office. That huge new Air conditioner and pool area will consume a lot of energy. If it’s about electricity, if your demand grows, your electrical panel may no longer be able to keep up.

2. Greater safety features

Electrical panels that are old or faulty have a tendency become hot and catch fire. When they do, they have the potential to set fire to your entire property. Even if your home insurance covers damages, there are a number of other valuable items in your home that aren’t protected. Furthermore, if you have children at home, it poses a serious threat to their safety and health. Newer electrical panels include more advanced safety features. They are less likely to have issues that could lead to a fire, protecting you from significant financial and personal losses.

3. High property value

During a home inspection, potential buyers would most certainly notice if your property has an outdated or unsafe electrical panel. Buyers may lose interest in your home or reduce their initial offer as a result of this. By removing the need for quick repairs and providing entire peace of mind, a complete electrical service update can considerably raise the value of your house. Prior to advertising your property, having an electrical service update performed demonstrates to potential buyers that your home has been well-cared for and maintained, which adds to its appeal.

4. Added circuit capacity

The majority of older structures were built with lower amps. While this was adequate at the time, contemporary appliances and devices require more energy to operate. It’s probably time to upgrade your electrical service if you’re continually tripping breakers or losing power in certain regions of your home. Modern electrical panels and wiring systems are capable of handling up to 200 amps, allowing you to safely use any gadget. This greater capacity will be required if you decide to build an addition to your home, such as a basement suite, in addition to safety.

5. Increasing electrical bills

Older electrical panels just don’t work as well, so even if your appliances are in good working order and your habits haven’t changed, you may realize that you’re spending more for power over time. Keep an eye on your electric expenses, and if they’re continually rising, consider replacing your electrical panel to save money on your monthly energy bills. LocalChamp team is here to help! When you call our skilled electricians, we’ll send a member of our team to assist you right away. We’ll evaluate your system and put together solutions that are tailored to your budget and unique requirements, as well as answer any concerns you may have along the route. Give us a call today to learn more about the advantages of upgrading your electrical panel.

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