5 Electrical Safety Tips for Floods and Storms

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5 Electrical safety tips for floods and storms
March 04, 2022

5 Electrical Safety Tips for Floods and Storms

Water is a bad conductor of electricity and we know if they combine they can lead to dangerous disasters. And in the times of flood, cyclones and storms it is easy and common for water and electricity to come in contact with each other leading to more serious problems. Thus it is important to be prepared for flooding and storm events. Let’s look at a few tips that can help you keep your home and business electrically safe.

1. Be pre prepared for the storm and floods

Safety should be maintained and considered all time. It is necessary to prepare for calamities even before they occur. If you are in a location where previously floods have occurred, it might be easy to learn about the levels of flood. You can consider relocating your switchboards above the pre flood levels. Turn off or unplug any electrical equipment that is overloaded or comes in contact with water. Know your property, you should know where you can turn off your gas, power and water supplies when the emergency occurs. And the most important is to shut off your solar power system using the safe isolation procedure.

2. Safety after the storm and flood

The safety needs to be maintained and considered even after the calamities occur. First and foremost is to keep yourself updated. Listen to a local radio for the weather updates. The second the storm calms down, we want to call our loved ones and check on them or inform them. However, make sure you do not use landlines in the flood, it might lead to electric shock. Do not stay near power lines or water. While moving to a different place, ensure safety from power lines. And lastly, do not let children swim in the flood water.

3. Ensure Cleaning after the storm for safety

The major challenges come after the storm. Listen to your local radio for any further updates. Report to your local electricity distributor about the fallen or damaged power lines and stay away from them. Stay away from electric cables and other street lights. Never do your own electric work, it’s illegal, LocalChamp can help you get a local electrician in case of emergency at the most affordable prices. If you have Solar PV installed at your property, stay away from the panels and cables in the times of floods. Get your property inspected by a local electrician for any electrical defects and dangerous problems that might have occurred due to flood.

4. Get your electrical appliances and equipment checked

Using water damaged appliances and equipment may lead to electrical shock or fire causing more damage. So make sure to hire a local licensed electrician to get your water affected electrical appliances like toaster, oven, and washing machine checked and safety check may be required before the power can be reconnected.

5. Power from generators can be dangerous

Power from generators can be dangerous during storms or floods. Do not connect your generator to the PowerPoint on a power circuit or other connection points. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered while connecting generators like ensuring accurate watts and amps, use of power boards, checking for the overload and installing the alarms. This can all be done best by a skilled and licensed electrician. Connect with a licensed electrician in your area at the most competitive prices with LocalChamp.

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